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Holidays & hello 2021!!

At the beginning of 2020, Frank's Auctions didn't exist. The lockdown in March and the challenges we faced, not only as entrepreneurs, but as a country, created the beginning of this new company. Auctioning had been in our minds for years, 2020 was the time to make it actually happen. 

July 15 - 2020, the date of our first Wimco Auction. After that, both the company and our lives became a roller coaster. That's why we take some time off during the holidays. To prepare for a new year, with new auctions! 

In January we have at least 4 auctions to offer: 

  1. TOTTO Sports (clothes and more)
  2. Industrial lamps (new in box)
  3. Airco's (new in box)
  4. Art

All different clients, all different situations. We are really looking forward to it!