Frankly the smartest way to buy


We're an auction company based in Curacao. We auction all kind of products for different kind of reasons and different clients. 

Who's Frank's Auctions? 
We are a small team of enthousiastic people working hard to make buying more fun! Who doesn't like the excitement of a small 'gamble'? You don't know if you have won a lot till that last second!

How do I join an auction?  
1. Go to ACCOUNT 
2. Register 
3. Log-in 
4. Look up the lot you're interested in 
5. Bid*! --> Follow your bids via ACCOUNT > MY BIDS

*All bids are in NAF and ALL-IN (incl tax and auction fee).

What's important? 
Auctions are a great way to buy unique items or items for low prices. In return, you need to take some things into account. Because as opposed to normal shopping, auctions come with (some) rules: 

  • A bid is permanently, we can't change or delete a wrong bid. That's why you get a 'confirm your bid' pop-up after every bid.
  • You're obliged to buy if you win
  • You can not return a won lot
  • You can only pick-up items on specific 'pick-up' days. 
  • Sometimes it's possible to have a look at lots in advance of an auction. This moment is called a 'viewing day' 
  • A viewing day is also to check lots for damages or technical status since these issues are no reason for (money) return afterwards 
  • Locations for viewing days and pick-up (can) differ per auction! So read all the information profided carefully! You find this information:
    • On our homepage, with the auction banner
    • On top of the auction page
    • At every lot (a specific tab)
    • At the bottom of our website, on the auction information page
    • Pick-up information is also provided on your invoice
  • Last but not least: Frank's Auctions is just a service provider for the auction itself. We're no product specialist or service center. We provide as much information as possible and the rest is up to you (and Google ;-))

    Payment is possible via bank transfer or via swipe during pick-up. Our bank account is MCB:, Franks Auctions BV, Granaatappelweg 126.

    Granaatappelweg 126
    Domiguito, Curacao
    (behind Vreugdenhill Supermarket)

    Facebook & Instagram Messenger
    We do not have a phone number: we're faster via mail and socials! 

    Facebook: @franksauctions 
    Instagram: @franksauctions

    Franks Auctions BV
    KVK: 153976
    CRIB: 102553646